Cruising Video 1-Coast Guard Rescue-Stuck in Galveston
Our first sailing adventure was just getting from the home port of Kemah Texas to Pensacola Florida. We only got 25 miles outside the Galveston jettys when the engine overheated. We had to return to Galveston and get the problem fixed. On the way back the winds picked up dramatically. We hoped to sail back and anchor under sail near the Galveston marina but we couldn’t manage to sail the boat into Galveston Bay with the high winds on the nose and huge cargo ships and tankers all around us. TowBoat US said the conditions were too rough for them so we called The US Coast Guard and they towed us in. They also put us on the TV news. That was publicity we didn’t need but that’s OK, it’s a story.
Here’s a video of our first sailing journey, part 1.

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