Crossing The Great Bahama Bank

Leaving Bimini you can go in several different directions. Head north east to Grand Bahama destinations of Freeport and West End. South east from Bimini is Andros. We decided to head east to The Berry Islands. To get there you will sail across the Great Bahama Bank, a shallow section of The Bahamas with some places only 10 to 12 feet deep. It’s more distance than we could sail in one day so we sailed until nearly sunset and anchored in about 12 feet of water. You are miles from land and it is a strange sensation to be anchored in the middle of the ocean. We were treated to the most amazing sunset I have ever seen.

sunset on the great Bahama bank
Sunset on The Great Bahama Bank

Great Harbour Cay – The Berry Islands
We were still new to cruising and we relied on marinas often in the first few weeks of our journey. Great Harbour is set inland with a channel cut into the rocks. Once in there it’s not much to look at. The bottom is grass so you don’t see pretty blue water and the holding is not good. It’s also a good distance from any stores so you need to rent a car or use their complementary bicycles. While not too exciting it is a well-run marina with decent showers, ice, fuel, water, and excellent service. On the west side of Great Harbour you’ll find excellent anchorage with north and east protection. It also puts you only a short dinghy ride to stores and the government dock.

north berry islands, bullock harbor

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