pink painted house in Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells was one of our favorite stops. So much so that we spent over a week there. What really stands out as you walk around the town are the brightly colored “painted” houses. There are so many well designed, unique houses here, all painted bright colors and very well kept.

One of the unique things about Spanish Wells are the numerous private docks available to rent. They usually have power and water, which is not always potable and may even be a bit brackish. The cost is much lower that a marina slip and they are in protected areas. You’ll have a long walk to most everything so you’ll probably need a golf cart. There are plenty of them for rent in Spanish Wells.

Yacht Haven Marina

Wreckers at Yacht Haven marina in Spanish Wells Bahamas

We spent one night at one of the private docks but we had been at anchor for two weeks and were ready for a regular shower and laundry so we moved to the marina. This is a very comfortable place to dock if it’s in your budget. The marina offers clean showers, a nice pool, and a great little open-air bar and grill called Wreckers. It’s on the second level with a nice view. Golf cart rentals are available at the marina office.

The Beach

Although we visited many many beaches in The Bahamas, I think my favorite was Spanish Wells. From our marina it was a short walk to this beach. It’s an unusual beach. There is a small beach and then a shallow lagoon and a sandbar beyond that, and then the ocean. It stays very shallow for a long way out. It is just beautiful wide open space, white sand, and blue water. The sandbar is there at high or low tide. Our dog had so much space to run in he wore himself out. We visited this beach every day of our one-week visit.

Stores, Restaurants & Bars

You have some good options for eating in Spanish Wells. The places we visited were Wreckers Yacht Haven Marina, Budda’s, (which also has a great liquor store attached), and The Shipyard. We also heard of a place called Bernard’s. It’s a fishing dock and he pulls in from fishing most days around 4pm with fresh caught lobster and fish. You can pick out your lobster and he’ll pull off the tail for you. You can’t get much fresher than that, and at a good price.

Scoops is a little ice cream stand that is open from 7pm to 10pm most nights. She offers two flavors of soft serve ice cream and there’s usually a long line of golf carts lined up for it.

The grocery store here is about as close to one the the U.S. we saw in The Bahamas.

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