Cruising 2023-Heading Home

We had gone as far as we had planned to go when we got to George Town. There is a lot to do there and we hung out for about 2 weeks. Sharing the harbor with over 300 boats you can meet a lot of fellow cruisers. We made some new friends and ran into a few old friends. Then it was time to make the long slow trip home. We only did day hops but we decided to treat ourselves to some marinas in a few favorite places like Chub Cay, Flamingo Bay, and Old Bahama Bay. We spend the last 2 weeks at West End before crossing over to Ft. Pierce and ending our Bahamas journey. In this video I show the entire trip from Galveston Texas to Florida, The Bahamas, and back to Florida with some highlights at each stop.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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